Saturday, October 31, 2009

Update 31st October!

It has been a quiet couple of weeks on site.

Our Independent building inspection was carried out about ten days ago and the good news is that there where not major faults detected; only a few minor issues with the frame and brickwork to be addressed, so great work EB.

We had a bit of activity towards the end of this week whereby the following has been now completed:

First floor eaves completed
First floor bricks cleaned
First floor downpipes installed

Not a lot to show in pictures with all of the scaffolding, but here is a quick one of the balcony showing our main brick and feature brick together:

Now that they are clean, we are really happy with our choice and also how they blend so well with the roof.

All going well, we should see some external painting done next week and the site prepared for the ground floor roof to go on the following week.

Hope you have a great weekend!



Friday, October 16, 2009

We have a Roof!

After the rain last week and the strong winds at the start of this week, we finally have a roof!

Since my last post, the scaffolding was erected and the gutters and eaves where installed last week. The front render was also done over the weekend. Our roof was started yesterday and they completed it today.

We are very happy with the way that the colours are blending with the rest of the house and can’t wait to see the ground floor roof completed.

Here are some pictures of the roof:

And finally, a picture of our balcony; roofed and rendered:

Hope you have a great weekend!